bay area orthopedic surgery angelaAngela Green is from Northern California. During her undergraduate studies at University of California, San Diego she was introduced to a non-profit organization called Camp Kesem. The nurses who volunteered their time to attend their week-long camp for children whose parents have cancer are her primary inspiration for becoming a nurse. She hopes that her experience in this office will give her skills she can use when she becomes an RN.

“ I Love Dr. H. He did my knee last year and it went beautifully. He is very knowledgeable and very kind and an excellent surgeon. Just went for my shoulder--worked out great! Highly recommend him. Babyboomer Z. ”

— Excellent Surgeon | San Francisco, CA

“ Once you get in to meet him... the experience is great! He's super friendly, knowledgeable and knows how to talk to patients when explaining the complexities of the problem. ”

— Dr. Phil R. | San Francisco, CA

“ Six months ago, after my last surgery with the other surgeon failed, I got in to see Dr. Halbrecht right away, and was able to schedule surgery the following week! My shoulder is soooo much better now! I feel like my nightmare is over. ”

— Kristen M. | San Francisco, CA