San Francisco Shoulder Dislocation Specialist Discusses His Area of Expertise

About 14 million people suffer from shoulder pain each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including shoulder dislocations that can result in severe pain and prolonged symptoms. Seeing a shoulder dislocation doctor at the first sign of pain in your shoulder can help you cut symptoms short and restore the health and function of the shoulder joint.

But as they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: knowing what causes shoulder dislocation can help you prevent injuries and recognize the symptoms when they occur.

As any shoulder dislocation specialist will tell you, the shoulder joint is the most frequently dislocated joint in the body. That’s due in part to the way the joint moves. Thanks to the way the joint is structured, the shoulder can be dislocated in multiple directionsforward, backward or downward. Most dislocations occur in one of these ways:

  • Falls that result in a major impact on the shoulder joint or your hand or arm, forcing the joint out of its normal position.
  • Sports injuries, especially in sports that involve bodily contact, a high risk of falls or overextension of the arm.
  • Other types of trauma, including auto accidents.

See the Best San Francisco Shoulder Dislocation Doctor

Shoulder injuries often involve additional soft tissue injuries, including nerve damage. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of shoulder pain or numbness in your arm or hand, see a shoulder doctor to get the medical care you need for proper healing and a quick recovery. Call our Bay Area offices today at 415-923-0944 to schedule an appointment.