San Francisco Orthopedic Surgeon Discusses What’s to Come in His Field

New technologies are sparking innovations in practically every field of medicine, but how exactly will the advent of things like better mobile diagnostics and smarter drugs change the field of orthopedics and help patients? Prognostication is a notoriously tough game, but we’re going to take a chance at gazing into the crystal ball and looking at the future of orthopedic surgery:

  • Smart implants. With the advent of the Internet of Things, a surgical implant could one day monitor your healing progress remotely. From providing your orthopedic surgeon with information about the body’s acceptance of a procedure to detecting signs of inflammation, smart knee replacements, prostheses, and pins could revolutionize aftercare and subsequent physical therapy practices.
  • Smart surgery with percutaneous incisions. The incisions that surgeons make today to perform procedures can leave trace scarring. Robotic equipment and magnification will soon allow your orthopedic doctor to operate even more precisely and with less scarring, or possibly none.
  • 3D printing. You can print almost anything with a 3D printer, provided that you have a solid blueprint and the right base materials. Surgeons already use these printers to develop better fitting prostheses and implants that perfectly match a patient’s body. Advances in 3D printing promise to create new and exciting medical innovations.

Advancements in insurance and billing processes as well as customer relationship management will also guide and define the field of orthopedics. Patients may also soon be able to take advantage of developments in regeneration technology and biologics as well as new physical therapy practices focused on preventing painful conditions from arising in the first place.

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