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The Finest Orthopedic Doctor San Francisco Has To Offer Provides Physical Activity Guidance

It may be more difficult to work out in the cold, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Research suggests that even in extremely cold weather, the body knows how to regulate itself to maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees. A visit to the sports medicine doctor will definitely arm you with the right advice on how to protect your body during the cold. You can also follow these simple tips when working out in the winter months, which as a result will allow you to stay in shape no matter what the season.

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Insight from a Leading San Francisco ACL Surgeon and Ski Doctor

Hitting the slopes for the winter break? During the holidays, an ACL surgeon or ski doctor may experience an increase in wounded patients who are injured after taking a trip to the mountains. Exercising in cold weather adds extra strain to muscles and makes the body more susceptible to injury. When you fail to follow basic precautionary measures, you can inflict serious harm on yourself. If you want to engage in cold weather sports this winter, plan ahead and protect your body from the environment to avoid emergencies.

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