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Sports Injury Specialist Bay Area Describes Dangerous Winter Activities

Outdoor winter activities can be fun and glorious, but they can also be very dangerous, depending on the circumstances. To protect your health, exercise caution when engaging in sports like skiing, sledding, skating, or hockey. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, or if you’re not in good shape, consider forgoing these sports or doing them gingerly or under supervision. Let’s take a brief tour of common winter sports dangers and how to sidestep a trip to a sports injury specialist.

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Sports Medicine Bay Area Doctor Describes Prevalent Winter Activity Injuries

Popular winter sports, such as hockey, skiing, and snowboarding, help people stay active and healthy during a time of year when it can be difficult to get outside. However, like all sports, they can also be dangerous. Here are the three most common winter injuries sports medicine professionals see and tips for how to avoid them:

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