PRP Injections Offer New Treatment for Chronic Tendonitis and Soft Tissue Injuries in San Francisco

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A new treatment is now available for those chronic nagging sports injuries. Most tendonitis injuries do not heal because these tissues have poor blood supply, and the body just cannot get enough healing factors to the injured area to stimulate healing.

Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) Injections are a new technology allows us to use your own body’s growth factors to heal these difficult injuries. Your body’s natural growth factors are isolated from a small sample of blood using a sophisticated centrifuge. These growth factors- the Platelet Rich Plasma- are then super concentrated and injected directly into the injured area.

Early published data indicates that 93% of patients experience relief from these injections. This procedure is done in the office, and does not require anesthesia. If you are suffering from chronic tendonitis, please contact our office for more information on PRP injection therapy.

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